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Grooming Services

Our Grooming Services Include:

Bath Only: We use fresh-smelling, all natural shampoos. Baths include a full brush out/de-matting, nail trim, ear cleaning, potty area trim, and feet trimming. Glands are done on small dogs only.

*If your dog requires a shampoo recommended by your vet, please bring it along and we will be happy to use it.

Full Service Groom: Includes all of the above plus a haircut of your choice and/or breed specifications.

Nail Trims: Always just $10.00! No appointment necessary, but please call ahead so we can give your pet our full attention!

Puppy's First Grooming: It's never too early to acquaint your new puppy with grooming and bathing! Your puppy will be introduced to the clippers, have his nails trimmed, receive a soothing bath and some light trimming around his face and potty area. This is all done with very gentle handling and lots of treats and praise. We want your puppy to have fun so that future visits will be stress free!

Brush and Dematting: This is a "between-grooming service". Your dog will be fully brushed out and de-matted if necessary. Call us for pricing!


Very Matted Dogs & Shave Downs: Sometimes due to excessive matting of your dog's hair, we have no choice but to do a close shave to remove the mats. This is in the pet's best interest, and we will always discuss this with you first.

Brushing Teeth: I frequently get asked if I brush dogs' teeth as a part of their grooming appointment.  I don't offer this service because brushing a dog's teeth only when he is groomed, which is only once every 6 - 8 weeks or more, doesn't offer much benefit. Since a dog's teeth should be brushed several times a week, I don't feel right charging a client for a service that won't truly benefit their pet. Caring for a dog's teeth is something that pet owners should be doing at home on a regular basis! 

Anal Glands: We will express anal glands on small breeds only. Larger breed dogs usually do not need help emptying these glands, and doing so may actually create more problems. If you think your large breed dog is having trouble with this, he should be seen by your vet.

**There is never an extra charge for shampoos, conditioner, bandanas, cologne or cleaning ears. These are always included with a bath and full-service grooming!


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