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About Fuzzy Paws​ and Joanne

At Fuzzy Paws Pet Grooming, we groom your pets the way you want! We take the time to make sure we understand what you want before we groom your dog, and do our best to get you those results! Joanne is familiar with specific breed cuts, "puppy cuts", scissoring techniques, and all other aspects of pet grooming. She will also inform you of any obvious medical issues for which you may need to see your veterinarian.


Joanne Cascio has extensive experience with dogs of all breeds and sizes! With approximately 20 years of grooming and over 30 years of training and behavioral counseling, she has also previously worked as a veterinarian assistant for many years. She currently owns three German Shepherds.

Joanne has always believed in providing exceptional customer service, as well as gentle, patient handling of her clients' pets. You can be assured that your pet is in good hands and that their experience will be a happy one!


226 West Main Street

Hortonville, WI

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